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Cara and Jason at SEPEEGCottonmouth Stacey tries her hand at radiotracking bull snakes Wes and his first gator Cara with a coyote

Our lab focuses on questions in evolutionary biology, ecotoxicology, and molecular ecology. Our ecotoxicology research takes an evolutionary approach and we are particularly interested in sublethal effects, epigenetic effects, intra- and inter-population variation in tolerance, and adaptation to contaminants. We view contaminants as just another type of anthropogenic stressor and are expanding our studies to include the independent and interactive effects of contaminants, climate change, disease, (and stressors in general). In the southeast a large impact of climate change is the alteration of pond hydroperiod which can have a large impact on pond-breeding amphibians. Although our lab's current primary focus is on response to stressors we maintain active programs in conservation andpopulation genetics and general molecular ecology studies. Please see the Research page for more specifics about some of our current projects. In addition wedevelop genetic markersfor the scientific community.

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