Genetic Markers

As a service to the scientific community, the SREL Molecular Ecology Laboratory, directed by Dr. Stacey Lance, offers microsatellite locus development on a cost-reimbursement basis. We have been developing microsatellite DNA loci since 1991. Since that time we have developed loci for >200 species, with representatives from all eukaryotic kingdoms. We have assisted researchers in the US and worldwide. We do this primarily for the benefit of the scientific community, not as a commercial venture. Please contact Rochelle Beasley atgenomics@srel.uga.eduwith any questions. The link to the order form can be found here, which also contains information on shipping samples.

We are no longer using an enrichment approach. We are using Illumina paired-end sequencing of genomic DNA. We have now validated this approach in more than 30 species and are very happy with the results.

Current Microsatellite Development Options:

  1. We library prep your sample, sequence using Illumina 100 bp paired-end reads, and design primers for microsatellite loci.
  2. We do option 1 and then order primers for 48 loci, screen them across several individuals to assess amplification and polymorphism, and then genotype up to 24 individuals across all of the good loci.

Please see the order form for details on pricing and sending samples.

Other molecular ecology and genomics capabilities:

  • Microsatellite genotyping
  • Restriction site associated DNA markers (RAD-seq SNPs)
  • Gene expression via RNA-seq
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